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Obituary for Donald E. Durr

Donald Eugene Durr, was born February 23, 1946 in Columbus, Ohio to Claudia Belle Mattison and Furnace Durr. He later had three sisters, Bethann Bush, Sandra Lowe and Cheryl Lowe. He was raised in the church, by three strong women, Claudia, his mother, Bertha Nickerson, his grandmother, and "Little Ma" Bertha Anna Diggs Jones. He attended University of Ohio Lab School where he was an outstanding basketball player. He attended High School at the Prestigious University of Ohio Lab School where he was an outstanding basketball star. He later married Rosa Neal and they had one son, Donald Eugene Durr, Jr. born in Columbus in 1967. After Rosa and Donald divorced, Don travelled to Southern California where he became a skilled member of the Commercial Tuna fishing fleet until 1979. His last boat, the JULIA B., sank from Mexico in 1979; it was a 150 ton wooden tunal boat. The fishermen stood in cages which were dropped over the side. Using a bamboo pole they caught the tuna and flung it over their shoulder. After watching the JULIA B sink, from their lifeboats, they were rescued by a passing boat. This boat ran aground and the beleaguered fishermen were rescued again and returned to San Diego. After these two rescues at sea, Don followed his girlfriend, Lois Carol Doyle LaBolle, and her three children to the Island of Oahu, in the State of Hawaii. He learned of the message of Baha'u'llah (the Glory of God) and immediately recognized the Lord's voice and its call for Unity in the Human Family of Man. Don and Lois married and dedicated their lives to serving God and His children while they raised their family. Son Donnie visited oftenin the summers. Don worked as a mover until physical injuries interfered and he recreated himself, becoming a substance abuse counselor. He felt that he had "come home" in the Hawaiian Culture and embraced the teachings and the language. He continued his education and earned a BA and then earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW), from University of Hawaii- Manoa. Don continued to serve his local community at both the Waianae Community Health Center and the Waianae, High School. Don was respected on many levels and provided mentorship to University of Hawaii Medical Students. He also served on the Local Spiritual Assembly and as an Assistant to the Auxiliary Board, to the Baha'i Faith. In 2011 another injury prevented Don from returning to his workplace. Later, when he learned that he had vascular dementia, he and Lois concentrated on keeping their lives and home, safe. In 2019, they made the decision to move to Fort Worth, TX to be near their daughter, Jamie Duran and her family. In 2020, the Covid 19 Pandemic caused Don to be isolated in his nursing home. In July of 2020, he fell and broke his neck. Don remained bedridden until his death on February 4, 2021. Lois and Jamie were able to visit him until the very end, and he was surrounded with love. Don had loving relationships with many who took care of him, as he had in his past roles throughout his life. A nephew, cousins and other loved ones in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Taiwan, California, Organ, Washington, and Florida remember Don with fondness, as did family and friends in Ohio and Texas. Don lived a life of service to God’s creation. He died on February 4, 2021 at the Oaks at White Settlement, and was buried on February 23, 2021, at the Skyvue Memorial Park, in Mansfield, TX. Both are in or near, Fort Worth, Texas. Written by Spouse--Lois C. Durr; married for 41 years.